Carving Resources

3-D carving models (often termed "go-bys") can be a significant help for any carving project, particularly when the objective is to acheive a realistic completed carving. The size and pose of the model does not have to be identical to your project to be useful. Proportions may be scaled and the ability to view fine details from any direction can be a lot of help, especially when using 2-D patterns to create 3-D carvings.
Metro Carvers owns a large number of 3-D models. Pictures of these models, organized into five categories, are shown below.
These models are currently located in our storage facility. Our goal is to loan these assets to member carvers. Accordingly we are developing a system for check out across our social carving groups. Please review the pictures below to find any that may be of interest to you. Watch here for details as our check-out system is finalized.